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Workshops & Demonstrations


Learn a new skill during the 2024 Festival in one of a variety of workshops and demonstrations. Get a hands-on lesson or watch an in-depth demonstration from one of our engaging and captivating educational events in new venues. 


Workshops & Demonstrations

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Sweetgrass Basket Weaving Workshop

at the Nathaniel Russell House

Under the skilled guidance of expert artisan Sarah Edwards-Hammond, immerse yourself in the Gullah Geechee tradition of sweetgrass basket making that has been woven into the fabric of Charleston's history for generations. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn more about the art of coiling and sewing sweetgrass, palmetto leaves and longleaf pine needles into intricate baskets as you discover the stories and symbolism within each design. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with Charleston's past while creating your own piece of Lowcountry artistry. No experience necessary and all supplies are included. $125

Calligraphy Workshop

at the Capt. James Missroon House

Unleash your inner artist at our calligraphy workshop! In this hands-on experience, delve into the timeless art of beautiful handwriting. Love Letter Gray Calligraphy will guide you through the delicate strokes and graceful flourishes that define this ancient craft. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned penman, you'll explore various styles as you practice with professional tools and ink. $55

Cocktail Bandits Workshop

at Emeline Courtyard

Elevate your mixology skills with Charleston-based mixologists, the Cocktail Bandits. Johnny and Taneka will explore the history behind some of our favorite spirits while you savor your own cocktails. This event promises an evening of delicious discoveries and new trivia for impressing your friends. $55

Photography Walkabout

begins and ends at the Nathaniel Russell House

Step into the timeless charm of Charleston on a captivating photography walkabout that promises to unlock a treasure trove on Instagram-worthy spots for photography lovers of all levels. Meander through cobblestone strees, view historic architecture and discover the perfect blend of history and aesthetics. At every turn, this walkabout offers a chance to frame the spirit of the past and the beauty of the present through any lens. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your photography journey, this tour promises to deliver the quinessential Charleston photographic spots. $60

Colonial Cocktails: Rum and Madeira

at the Capt. James Missroon House

Join us for a night of colonial mixology! Historic Charleston Foundation and Mount Gay Rum are partnering up to teach guests about unusual cocktails from Charleston’s past. Mixology experts will be diving deeper into the connection between Charleston and Barbados and the origins of the rum trade, dating back to the late 17th century. The class will offer light bites and three cocktail samples. $55

Container Gardening Demonstration

at Emeline Courtyard

Discover the joys of container gardening in this engaging demonstration with Meeting Green! Container gardening is an accessible and versatile way to grow your garden regardless of your space limitations. The expert team at Meeting Green will guide you through the essentials; from discussing container options to selecting the right plants for your "micro-climate." Learn valuable tips on plant selection, watering, fertilization and maintenance to ensure your container garden will thrive beautifully throughout the year. Join us at a new venue this year, the courtyard of the Hotel Emeline surrounded by plants curated and maintained by Meeting Green as their team demonstrates the creation of a lush container arrangement. $45

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