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House & Garden Tours

Step beyond the doorways and garden gates of Charleston to experience the city's renowned architectural heritage, inside and out. House & Garden Tours are divided between Street Tours, Splendor Tours and Glorious Gardens Tours. 


Street Tours

Each Street Tour is identified by a central and historic street and includes a selection of private homes and gardens to tour. Street Tours include Tradd Street, East Bay Street and new this year, Broad Street. 

Splendor Tours

Architectural Splendor and Garden Splendor tours offer the most exclusive and intimate tours of The Charleston Festival. Expert guides at each magnificent property offer guests a more elevated experience.

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Glorious Gardens

Perfect for passionate gardeners, these tours focus on gardens and the landscape architecture of historic Charleston. Self-paced between properties, each garden includes docents to meet guests around the property.

Upcoming House & Garden Tours

No events at the moment
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